La Ville Lumière 🙌🏽🇫🇷✨

October 2, 2018

Eventually the European Summer 2018 came to an end. The Nomad Massuer visited cities likes Cologne, Aachen, Essen, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Sitges, Barcelona, Zürich and Luzern. Once again, it was a beautiful summer full of promisses, old and new friends, lots of work and new opportunities. It seems like the work really starts speaking for itself. And I am very excited.

It actually works!


They say that every good thing comes to an end. Well, if this is true, at least I had to make sure I made the most of it. By asking my intuition where should I spend my last week in Europe, the answer came immediately.


Paris, la ville lumière!


Thinking I would have a few days off, a new opportunity came along. An invitation to participate in a Yoga retreat weekend happening in Chartres, a village south of Paris.

As an International Wellness Specialist I came to provide Ayurvedic Yoga therapeutic treatments which were very much appreciated, specially by the yogis. Without much plan it just happened. Such as life.


I will see you again perhaps along with the next summer winds. Unquestionably I think I will never get enough of this city. Ever! Yet every time I gaze at it, it's love at first sight.


C'est pour ça que je t'aime.
Au revoir et à bientôt.
Merci beaucoup


João Patrocinio


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