"I hope through my hands to be able to transform the stress and stiffness we build daily into a relaxed and healing experience allowing the energy of life to circulate freely through the body again.."




Premium Massage Therapist & Intuitive Healer

Originally from Brazil, with Afro-Brazilian and Italian ethnicity, I'm a citizen of the world, free from attachments. I discovered my own path as a Masseuse and Spa Wellness Specialist. Performing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, and Reflexology Foot Massage I bring a host of skills and knowledge that will make your experience even more memorable.

I lived some time in Thailand and Malaysia, which boosted my interest in the Orient and Ancient culture, along with a spiritual awakening. Learning my craft and skills from The Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School in Bangkok and the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute from India I found inspiration to share my skills and passion with the world.


As a traveling specialist, I have spent time in Europe and the Americas and in Asia. Exposed to this travels and experience I encountered a deeper meaning of life through meditation, yoga and the power of healing through touch. Healing and Relaxation can now be achieved through the Touch from Within.

Travel Plans

Summer Winds 🌬🏖☀️ 



My home base is in Rio de Janeiro. 



apr - Bangkok, Koh Panghan

mai - India

And back to Rio







2019 plans - Paris - Thailand - EU - Brazil

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The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a technique passed on from generation to generation combining deep tissue massage with assisted Yoga-based stretches. The AYM method started in the early 80's by the Master Kusum Modak from Pune, India. She gathered knowledge from BKS Iyengar and her experience on Ayurvedic treatments from her teacher Lamaye Maharaj, a wise guru who mastered the art of ancient massage therapy.


The treatment is performed on a mattress on the floor alternating from intense muscle fiber stimulation and various assisted stretches throughout the body. Steady pressure is applied with both thumbs, hands, elbows and its specialty which is feet stimulation "walking on the body". Through the massage, heavy and deep breathing is encouraged to enhance oxygenation and the level of prana (vital energy) allowing the body to trust and fully give in to the mindfulness of the present moment.


What makes this treatment unique is the use of Calamus powder, an Indian ayurvedic root also known as Tumeric. This earth element together with a bit of oil can effectively expel the toxins out from the body and the stimulation boosts the blood circulation igniting the body sensitivity. It also prompts the lymphatic system for production of lymphocytes which play a vital role in maintaining the immunity in the human body improving detoxification. The other benefits of this massage include pain relief, enhancing of respiratory capacity, reduction of fatigue, prevention of aging and promotion of flexibility and longevity.



The Traditional Thai massage is a dry massage as it requires no oil, therefore light clothes are worn for this treatment. This massage is given on a floor mattress and there is constant and steady pressure from the practitioner. But instead of muscle rubs, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.


This style consists of deep static and rhythmic acupressure points following the meridian "sen" lines of the body. These meridians are where the vital energy run through, according to ancient knowledge. Remembering that the amount of pressure can be adjusted to each part of the body concerning its sensibility.


Thumbs along with palm, or elbow, and sometimes knee and feet are used to apply pressure. The treatment begins on the foot, following the lines on the legs, hips, back, arms, neck, and head. It also includes pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking (or not) knuckles, and moving the patient's body into different positions.


This is advised for relaxation, relieving muscular fatigue and pain, reducing tension and headaches, and regaining muscular and joint mobility. It helps to stimulate the blood circulation, lymphatic system and boosts the body immunity, anti-aging and longevity.



Reflexology massage focuses on the feet, Achilles tendon, calves, shin and up to the knee. It is often performed purely for relaxation and stimulation of the organs connected through nervous specific points on the sole of the feet. There are distinct points that correspond to different organs in the body. A wooden stick is used for precise reflexology and activation of those internal organs for a healthier performance. Stimulation of these points during foot massage can also cause a significant reduction in pain and healing, as well as reduction of fatigue and promotion of a better sleep.



Touch from Within

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